Designing and Building New, Beautiful Products for 2013

The "Graphite" 70-D3B-2

The Aluminium Titanium Nitride Butt-Seamer to be more precise. Dubbed the "Graphite 70" because of the dark composition of its scientifically hardened parts, the newest version of the 70-D3B-2 is more durable and corrosion resistant. Applied by physical vapor deposition, "AlTiN" is a unique coating that adds hardness and reduces friction without adding mass (try one micron on for size), making the new 70-D3B-2 the smoothest operating butt-seamer we've ever created. On display at Texprocess June 2013.

The WIDE ActiveSeam™

How do you make the most requested stitch in the Merrow aresenal better? Make it bigger. The new WIDE ActiveSeam™ maintains the flat profile of its popular little brother but has more bite so that it can be applied to thicker materials (think fleece or 20.5 micron merino). It is 6% wider than the standard ActiveSeam™ Comfort, yet adds ZERO bulk. Although the WIDE ActiveSeam™ won't be officially available until early 2014, after two years of development we couldn't wait to unveil it at Texprocess.

12-E with Rotary Cutting System

Although we haven't tested it, we're pretty sure the 12-E could sew through concrete - after all, it's the sewing machine of choice for joining anti-puncture material in the automotive tire industry (yes, ANTI-PUNCTURE, as in "shouldn't be able to be pierced by a needle"). New for 2013, we paired the 12-E with a rotary cutter that shares a reputation for tackling heavy goods and is equally at home on a table or railway. Texprocess is the first place you'll be able to get it so bring your material for a demonstration - no concrete please!

Improved Spare Parts

It's called physical vapor deposition and it was created in a science lab. It's also what makes Merrow's new spare parts harder, quieter, and...well, better. Physical vapor deposition is an advanced technique that allows Merrow machinists to apply a one micron thick layer of Aluminum Titanium Nitride, a compound whose coefficient of friction approaches zero. This means less heat, less kinetic friction and less chance that you'll have to replace your parts. Lab coat optional.

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